PATH4K Digital Microscope Camera

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See more and explore the future of clinical and research digital microscopy with our PATH4K camera, perfect for a wide spectrum of applications.

This stunning 4k resolution camera has multiple outputs including HDMI, USB, WiFi and Remote-Viewing all in one simple unit, providing True-To-Life Color Representation.                                                                                                               

On-Screen Controls For Teaching
  Feature Rich Software   
Remotely View Live Image Anywhere
Stunning Images
Adjust/Measure/Annotate With Ease Collaborate with Colleagues
Image Capture to SD Card or USB
Manual X, Y & EDOF Scanning Share Slides Instantly
Live Display for Conferencing
Capture or Save Images For Documentation  Perform Remote FNAs
No Computer Needed in HDMI Mode
Windows & MAC Compatible Connect Directly to Network   




Crystal Clear 4K images--Large Field of View--Precise Color Representation--Smart Software Features--Increased Microscope Efficiency