Using a microscope on a daily basis is demanding on the human body. It requires consistent, proper positioning of the head as well as hours of concentration and focused viewing through the eyepieces. This can strain your eyes, neck, shoulders and back and result in severe headaches and neckaches. Here are some ways to reduce the strain to your body and avoid discomfort:

  1. Schedule breaks throughout the workday to allow your eyes, neck and back muscles to rest.
  2. Create an ergonomic microscope workstation. The goal is fairly simple: make the viewing height and angle adjustable for each individual microscope user.  To achieve this, utilize adjustable tables and chairs to allow operators to sit in a relaxed, upright position - you should never be stretching to view a sample. Additional lumbar support, adjustable arm rests and foot rests can also help make operators more comfortable.
  3. Build even more flexibility into your workstation with ergonomic accessories specifically designed to make the position of the microscope eyepieces adaptable to multiple users.
  • Extended eyetubes promote an upright sitting position by bridging the gap between the microscope and the users’ eyes. This is especially important for tall users.
  • Bring the eyepieces of the microscope closer to the operator by inserting a wedge below the eyepieces. This promotes an upright position, no matter how tall the microscope user is.
  • Utilize an HD Camera and Screen. This will reduce the time spent in one position, looking through the eyepieces.


Remember, the main goal is to make your workstation adaptable to each user, allowing them to work effectively and efficiently in comfort. Contact I. Miller to find out more about ergonomic options. We’re always here to help. Just email us at or call 215-925-2285.