The core versions of the Leica Application Suite software are available for download below.  Leica offers a modular based software platform with add on features available.

  -  LAS X  and Enersight are the current and future platforms for PC and should be used for the appropriate new systems.

  -  LAS v4.13 is still available for download, but discontinued in 2021.  

  - LAS EZ is a simple, easy to use and basic software platform.  Limited compatibility

- Enersight Mobile App is compatible with Emspira 3, Flexacam C5, Flexacam i5, and Ivesta 3 (Integrated), it is available for Android and iOS from their respective app stores, or links below

- Leica Airlab App can be used with ICC50W/E, IC90E, S9i, it is available for Android and iOS from their respective app stores, or links below

Leica LAS X Software (Current Version 5.1.0) - Released May 12th 2022

LAS X 5.1.0

Release notes

Leica Enersight Software (Current Version 1.02.97) - Released September 9th 2023

Enersight 1.1.0

Release Notes

Leica Enersight Mobile App

Enersight Mobile 2.0 for Android 

Enersight Mobile 2.0 for iOS

Leica LAS v4.13 Software - Older software still available discontinued in 2021

LAS V4.13

Release notes

Leica LAS EZ Software - Basic & Easy to use - Limited to a select number of cameras - See release notes

LAS EZ 3.4

Release notes

Leica MAP - Surface imaging and Metrology Software 

Leica MAP Brochure


It is very important to ensure your PC meets the minimum requirements to run the camera properly.  Here are the minimum system requirements:

Minimum Computer Specifications 


Information on additional modules available:

LAS X Industrial Modules

LAS X 2D Image Analysis Module

LAS X Grain Expert Module

Cleanliness Expert Module

LAS V4.13 Software Modules


InFocus Software Download for VIEW4K, PATH4K, and Lumicam Cameras

      InFocus Software for Windows

      InFocus Software for Mac 
      Video Guides