Leica Ivesta 3 Greenough Stereo Microscopes

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Ivesta 3 Greenough Stereo Microscopes

For manufacturers or suppliers, increasing efficiency for inspection is a priority.

You can optimize your visual inspection and rework while achieving reliable, consistent results with Ivesta 3 Greenough stereo microscopes.

Boost your efficiency

See the relevant details faster during inspection thanks to an optimal 3D perception which requires less adjusting of the microscope. You can also handle the sample under the microscope objective with ease due to a large working distance.

Results you can rely on

You can ensure consistent visual inspection according to standard procedures and thus reduce the risk of human errors. Users can document results efficiently and reliably and view them with others in a straightforward way.

See relevant details faster

In contrast to conventional stereo microscopes, Ivesta 3 features FusionOptics technology that unites high resolution and a large depth of field – at the same time!

  • Save time refocusing as you can see every important detail at a glance. FusionOptics allows you to perceive your samples in 3D with up to 3x larger depth of field.
  • Change from sample overview to detail easily with the microscope's large 9:1 zoom range.
  • Reveal fine details with a magnification of up to 55x and apochromatically corrected optics.

Image simulation, showing a printed circuit board sample without and with the FusionOptics effect, perceived when looking through the eyepieces.

Freedom for your sample handling

Handle and manipulate your sample comfortably during inspection and rework – there is ample space under the microscope objective!

Ivesta 3 provides working distance of up to 122 mm

This is especially helpful if you need to use tools to work with the sample under the microscope objective – you know well that sometimes every mm counts.

Obtain reproducible results

With Ivesta 3 greenough stereo microscopes, you can work in compliance with standard procedures to achieve reproducible results and reduce the risk of human error.

Facilitate inspection and measurement

  • Reproduce zoom settings through click-stops
  • Know the zoom factor having it displayed during imaging
  • Zoom factor and magnification information is saved automatically with the image data thanks to the encoded zoom

Collaborate for reliable decisions 

  • Enable fast and easy discussions of results to get other opinions: Fast display of live images from the 12-megapixel camera on a monitor.
  • Visualize sample movements on the monitor clearly and smoothly thanks to the high frame rate of up to 60 fps.
  • Switch between bright and dark samples quickly and clearly differentiate details with the displayed live image thanks to the fast auto exposure.

Make it your Ivesta 3

Find the best Ivesta 3 for your requirements:

  • For inspection and rework only, but no camera for documentation is needed.
  • With integrated camera: For digital image sharing directly on different devices, e.g., a monitor, mobile device, or computer.
  • With C-mount: Gives you the flexibility to add a camera if needed and thus turn it into a digital microscope solution.

Consistent operation that saves you time

Any Ivesta 3 microscope with camera is powered by the Enersight software platform.  

  • Inspect, compare, measure, and share seamlessly on a single intuitive interface, regardless of how or where you do it.
  • Reduce the need for training and supervision and make decisions as a team more easily.