Leica DFC365 FX Digital Microscope Camera

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CCD Microscope Camera Leica DFC365 FX

Speed and image quality are the key factors for successful documentation of live cellsand rapidly fading fluorescence specimens. The Leica DFC365 FX is a 1.4 MP monochrome digital camera for fast live cell imaging and superb fluorescence documentation

It combines brilliant imaging with high temporal resolution (up to 21 fps full frame). With CCD technology, the camera offers a dual imaging mode with NIR (near infra red) capability for enhanced quantum efficiency between 700-1000 nm wavelength.

The high-sensitivity sensor and active-regulated Peltier cooling provide an excellent signal to noise ratio - making this camera ideal for fluorescence applications such as time-lapse experiments. 


High frame rates

With overlapping mode, the 2/3" Progressive Scan CCD sensor reads out imaging data while the next exposure is taken.

Optional NIR (near infra red) mode

This optional imaging mode provides significant enhanced quantum efficiency and makes this camera ideally suited to monitor CY5 and Cy7 fluorescent dyes.

Fast read out of definable areas

Partial scan mode allows the fast read out of definable areas at full resolution. Can be combined with overlapping mode and binning.

Brilliant image quality

In addition to high-speed image acquisition with either 40 or 20 MHz, the additional clocking rate of 1.6 MHz enables superb fluorescence documentation of fixed specimens.