Leica DM3 XL Microscope

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Fast detection, fast action

The Inspection System for Microelectronics and Semiconductor DM3 XL

Speed matters in inspection, process control, or defect and failure analysis for the microelectronics and semiconductor industry. The faster you detect a defect, the faster you can react.

30% more field of view

With a large field of view, the DM3 XL inspection system allows your team to identify defects faster and increase your yield rate. Make use of the 30% increased field of view of the unique macro objective.

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See more, work faster

Seeing more means working faster. To rapidly scan large components up to 6’’, the DM3 XL provides a unique macro objective.

With a magnification of 0.7x it captures a field of view of 35.7 mm at once –  30% more than with other conventional scanning objectives.

With the macro objective, defects don’t stand a chance:

  • Increase your yield
  • Reliably detect insufficient development at the edge or within the center of a wafer
  • Detect uneven radial film thickness

LED for all contrast methods

The DM3 XL uses LED illumination for all contrast methods. LED illumination provides a constant color temperature and offers real color imaging at all intensity levels. 

  • True-to-life color imaging at all intensity levels
  • Adjustment-free
  • No bulb exchange – no down-time
  • Reproducible results

With a long lifetime and low power consumption, LEDs also have an enormous cost savings potential.

Optical high performer

With the DM3 XL, you can benefit from optical excellence at an affordable price.

  • Examine sides, edges or chippings with oblique illumination: illuminate your sample from different angles as an easy and effective way to visualize topographies.
  • Detect micro scratches or small particles in lower layers of the sample with in-depth darkfield contrast.

You’ll be stunned by the dramatically increased sensitivity and resolution.

Find out more about our range of objectives at the Leica Optics Center.

Variety of samples – variable stage inserts

No matter what sample size and sample type you would like to inspect, you can choose from a variety of stage inserts:

  • Stage size: 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Stage inserts: Metal inserts, wafer holders or mask holders
  • Quick coarse or fine stage positioning

Work comfortably and intuitively

Simplifying the basic setting of resolution, contrast, and depth of field, the Color Coded Diaphragm Assistant (CCDA) helps to speed up your work and minimize operational errors.

Straightforward and intuitive functionality allows your team to deliver optimal results faster.  

  • Leave your hands on the microscope and your eyes on the sample while switching contrast or illumination thanks to easily reachable controls
  • Easily handle the light intensity controller with the right hand
  • Adjust the microscope to different body heights with variable ErgoTubes and focus knobs