Leica DMi8 Microscope

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Invert The Game – And Stay Ahead

Inverted Microscope for Industry Leica DMi8

Being ahead of the competition is what drives your business. No matter if you work in metallography, medical device manufacturing or microelectronics, speed is essential. Tailor this highly modular inverted microscope to your needs. Combine Leica optical quality, a wide range of contrast modes, and intuitive software in one system to help you speed up your workflow.

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Speed Up Your Workflow With Inverted Microscopy

Inverted microscopes enable you to save time and money. Unlike upright microscopes you can simply put your specimen on the stage, focus onto the surface once and have it focused for all magnifications and further samples. And because the objectives are positioned below the stage the risk of collision with the sample is reduced.

Save time

  • You can change 4 times faster between samples
  • You benefit from a large working space to easily place even huge and heavy samples.
  • Work with samples that weigh up to 30 kg.

See More of Your Sample

Do you need to work with big samples and analyse more of them? See more of your sample in a shorter time thanks to the Macro* objective offered exclusively by Leica Microsystems. Change from the macro (35 mm) to nano (200 nm) with only a click.

  • You get 4x times the field of view (35.7 mm sample overview at 0.7x magnification) in comparison to standard objectives with the macro objective
  • You can change between different magnifications – 0.7x – 5x – 10x – 20x- 50x – 100x – and illuminate your sample from different angles
  • You increase your sample throughput with the 3 position focus drive allowing you sensitive and adjustable focusing at various magnifications

*Not available in Japan

Stay Flexible With Modular Design

You can create the perfect tool for your work. Tailor the system to fit your budget, application needs and preferences. Invest in the features you need for your work now – and be prepared for future requirements.  

More Freedom

  • You can upgrade your system for future requirements
  • Choose between manual, coded or automated functions
  • You can use a range of contrast modes to cover all your application needs

Easy Reproducibility and Documentation at a Keystroke

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) software lightens your workload by offering a variety of expert modules, e.g.:

  • Steel Expert
  • Phase Expert
  • Grain Expert

Regular updates and upgrades of LAS ensure that you are always ahead of the game.

See More Details With Unique UC-3D Illumination

Leica Microsystems exclusively offers Ultra-Contrast 3D illumination. It allows you to illuminate your sample from different angles, obtain additional information on the surface structure, and achieve improved contrast. See more details of your sample in less time.

Gain more insights

  • You experience greater ease of use with the integrated illumination solutions
  • Get more information on your sample at no additional costs
  • You can choose between manual or motorized version

Individual Functions Support Your Workflow

Personalize the function keys to your preference and use coded components and the illumination control. Get your results faster and enjoy working with the microscope thanks to the guided workflow.

  • Activate with push of 1 button the macro mode to get a quick overview on the sample
  • Change between contrast mode and magnification simultaneously (e.g. from 10x HDF to 50X DIC)
  • Program one function key to acquire an image  with the camera for documentation

Leica DMi8 M System

Benefit from the cost-effective manual version of the Leica DMi8.

  • Manual 2-gear
  • 6-fold M25 objective turret
  • Unique UC-3D illumination
  • Contrast techniques: Brightfield, Polorization, and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • LED illumination for all contrast modes
  • Illumination control
  • Leica Application Suite LAS software