Leica F12 I

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Mobile floor stand for inspection of large samples Leica F12 I

Applicable for art restoration, forensic and industry

The Leica F12 I is a mobile floor stand with an excellent positioning flexibility. The 360° rotating horizontal arm and the flex-arm system provides a total extension of max. 1.2 m, which is ideal for stereoscopic inspections at tables or walls.

The compact and lightweight and long-life Leica LED Illumination solutions extend your instrument to an optimized system for outstanding workings.

The Leica F12 I floor stand has been designed for routine Stereo Microscopes with low weight and provides an excellent price-/performance ratio.


Easy Positioning

Mobile floor stand - easy to position the stereo microscope to large or none moveable samples

High Mobility

High mobility and high flexibility - the F12 I floor stand is used for table and wall inspections

Large Extension

Maximum horizontal extension of 1.2 m - for simple and fast inspection of samples in this size range

Integration of Illumination

Easy integration of Leica LED Illumination - cable channel and rack for power supply provide highest user comfort and safety