Leica FS M Forensic MIcroscope

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Manual Forensic Comparison Macroscope Leica FS M

The Leica FS M manually-controlled forensic macroscope provides the flexibility, convenience, and comfort that make it the universal instrument of a firearms and toolmark examiner.

The versatile system is ideal for the simultaneous observation of evidence for training and consultation. The high-quality comparison bridge supports two precisely matched sets of apochromatically corrected objectives on quintuple ball-bearing nosepieces.

A 22mm field of view produces erect, unreversed images. The image moves in the same direction as the object for quick, easy manipulation.

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Continuously adjusted

Continuously adjusted

The system provides split view, full left and right view, as well as superimposed imaging of the objects - by rotating a conveniently located knob, the field is continuously adjusted between viewing the left and right object.

Telecentric APO macro

Telecentric APO macro

Telecentric APO macro objectives with built-in iris diaphragms further enhance contrast and increase the depth of field for the ultimate high contrast reproduction of evidence.

Variety of specimen

A variety of specimen holding accessories are available for fired ammunition parts, objects bearing toolmarks, documents, and deformed objects.