Leica K3 Series Microscope Camera

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For Life Science and Industry Imaging Applications and Analysis

The K3 Microscope Camera series 

The K3 color and monochrome cameras are your solutions for fast and reliable analytical tasks typically done for life science, industrial, and clinical applications. These cameras empower you to image a vast range of challenging samples with color-brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. Examples include fluorescently labeled and stained tissues and cells, particles for cleanliness analysis, steel, and forensic evidence.

The K3 color CMOS camera provides a well-balanced feature set with high frame rates, very good dynamic range, and excellent color reproduction. It delivers 12-bit/channel RGB quantifiable images. With the K3 camera you can get an imaging system that is customized for your specific needs. You can scan and stitch images of large format samples in half the time compared to previous generation cameras. The K3 cameras are excellent, easy-to-use and set-up, low-noise devices. Either color or monochrome K3 microscope camera can act as a workhorse for your laboratory or site.

Your benefits

  • One camera series - multiple applications and workflows: Flexibility to image a large range of samples for life science, industrial, and clinical applications
  • Fast and reliable analysis: Acquiring quantifiable data from challenging samples for improved throughput
  • Excellent true-color reproduction

Flexibility to image a large range of samples for the life sciences, industry, and pathology

The K3 microscope camera delivers good all-round performance for a vast range of sample types. For example, pathology and clinical applications, hematoxylin- and eosin-stained (H&E-stained) tissue sections have regions with subtle color variations which contain a large amount of information. To perform accurate documentation, these stained tissues demand a high-performance camera like the K3. The K3 is also an excellent documentation solution thanks to its very good dynamic range.

Fast and reliable analysis

Acquiring quantifiable data from challenging samples

The K3 cameras offer very good dynamic range enabling you to capture quantifiable images for downstream analysis for many challenging samples. Whether you image material samples which are highly reflective or light-absorbing surfaces or fluorescent samples with regions of very bright and weak signals, the K3 cameras are up to the challenge.

Excellent true color reproduction

The 12-bit excellent color reproduction ability of the color K3 camera enables you to capture large color depth and extract more detail from your samples.

Samples and specimens often contain subtle color variations which allow you to distinguish between different features and regions of interest and work out what is really going on in transitions zones between various parts of the specimen. 

Improve your throughput

Samples of interest can be large and need to be imaged in high resolution, requiring a system capable of area scanning and image stitching.

The large sensor and high frame rates make the K3 cameras ideal for area scanning applications when combined with the LAS X Navigator and Steel/Cleanliness Expert software modules.