Leica K5 Microscope Camera

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For routine fluorescence imaging

sCMOS Microscope Camera K5

The K5 is ideal for routine fluorescence imaging applications such as immunostaining assays and 3D Cell Culture imaging.

Image a wide variety of sample types with the flexibility and power of high 4.2 megapixel resolution and fast 40 fps imaging brought to you by the K5.

Your benefits

    • Bring the flexibility and power of sCMOS technology into your lab and image the details of your experiment
    • Efficiently segment crucial real time events
    • Improve signal-to-background of your THUNDER Imager

Flexibility of imaging applications

To achieve the best imaging conditions, you can adjust the K5 camera flexible parameters to meet your sample needs:

    • Image dynamic cellular events with up to 40 fps imaging
    • Resolve detailed structures thanks to high 4.2 MP resolution
    • Reduce exposure times and phototoxic effects with high 80% quantum efficiency.

Efficiently segment real time events

Get more biologically-relevant information with time lapse imaging thanks to the increased throughput powered by up to 40 fps observations.


Improve your images with better signal-to-background

Combine the K5‘s flexibility with the power of Computational Clearing.

Remove the haze from conventional widefield images accurately thanks to validated K5 and THUNDER Imager workflows.