Leica LED3000 MCI

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LED Multi Contrast Illumination for Routine Stereo Microscopes Leica LED3000 MCI

The Leica LED3000 MCI™ for routine stereo microscopes provides unique multi contrast illumination to identify hard-to-find details on your samples or specimens.

Four LED spotlights are arranged in two arcs and induce different, repeatable contrastfrom 2 different directions and angles. 
Through this process the movable illuminator arcs can be adapted to different configurations.

Compared to the LED3000 SLI (spotlight illuminator), the LED3000 MCI is even more compact and the contrast adjustments are reproducible. This is advantageous if the same workpieces or specimens must be examined frequently.


Four high-performance LED spotlights in two illuminator arcs

Reproducible contrast adjustments for similar specimens and applications.

Second Leica CAN bus

A second Leica LED illuminator, such as the LED3000 RL or NVI can be connected directly to the LED3000 MCI.

Operation takes place at the illuminator itself

For simple and intuitive toggling of the individual LED spotlights.

Latest LED technology

Lower power consumption, very color-neutral and the LED's approx. 50,000 hour service life makes lamp replacements unnecessary.

Highly compact, well-integrated configuration

No more space required on the work table.