Leica MZ10 F

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Modular Stereo Microscope for Fluorescent Imaging Leica MZ10 F

The Leica MZ10 F modular stereo microscope with 8x-80x magnification and 375 Lp/mm high resolution provides triple beam technology, which designates a separate beam path specifically for fluorescent illumination for high contrast and detailed fluorescent imaging.

With the FluoIII rapid filter changer, which allows fast interchange between triple beam standard or custom filter sets, the Leica MZ10 F is the ideal tool for fluorescence applications such as gene expression studies or developmental biology applications.


TripleBeam Technologie

Separate beam path specifically for fluorescence illumination provides high quality contrast and detailed fluorescent imaging.

Fast interchange

Fluo III rapid filter changer – allows fast interchange between 4 different filter sets for easy, convenient imaging.

Triple beam filter sets

Triple beam filter sets – variety of standard and custom filters available for specific fluorescence applications.

8x-80x standard magnification zoom

8x-80x standard magnification zoom- ideal choice for routine sorting tasks for convenient observation from overview to detail.

Modular concept

Modular concept- comprehensive choice of accessories to individually adapt instrument configuration to the application requirement.