Leica Swingarm Stands

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Modular stands for handling larger samples Leica Swingarm Stands

Leica Swingarm Stands (boom stands) are ideal to handle large samples. The high modularity allows to customize these stands depending on sample size and weight of the configuration. Focus arms and drives provide multiple mounting options and more safety features.

Rack and pinion system of the “Large” version allows easy height positioning, even for heavy stereomicroscopes and grease-free parts prevent specimen contamination. Special vibration dampening feet for standard and large base plate actively absorbs vibration up to 50% compared to traditional feet.


High modularity

High modularity – tailor the swing arm stand to your requirements.

Ball bearings horizontal arms

Ball bearings horizontal arms - ensures smooth horizontal gliding motion.

Rack and pinion system

“Large” Version: Rack and pinion system – allows easy vertical movement for heavier outfits.

Vibration dampening feet

Vibration dampening feet – absorbs vibration up to 50% compared to standard feet.

Variety of arms & drives

Variety of focus arms and drives – provides multiple mounting options.