Leica TL3000 ST

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Standard Transmitted Light Base provides ideal lighting conditions for various applications Leica TL3000 ST

The Leica TL3000 ST, transmitted light base provides a sliding mirror with adjustable positions to help control and guide light at different angles for transmitted light or one-sided darkfield.

The coated optic eliminates the need for daylight filters by increasing the color temperature for ideal observation.

The innovative halogen illumination system combined with anti-shock, anti-vibration pads provides ideal conditions for high quality transmitted light imaging.   


Sliding mirror

Sliding mirror with adjustable position  - helps control contrast and easily distinguish between similar structures.

Coated optics

Coated optics – eliminates daylight filters and increases color temperature.

Large working area

Large working area – provides space for multiple samples for easy, efficient viewing.

Anti-shock & anti-vibration

Anti-shock, anti-vibration pads – absorb oscillations for high quality imaging.