Leica TL4000 BFDF

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Transmitted Light Base For Brightfield and Darkfield Applications Absorbs Shock and Vibrations for High Quality Imaging Leica TL4000 BFDF

The Leica TL4000 BFDF light base for brightfield and darkfield applications combines a large working area, slide-on™ mechanics, and anti-shock™, anti-vibration pads to provide the ideal solution for demanding darkfield samples.

The adjustable stand provides an easy change from brightfield to darkfield, which allows high contrast of stained amplitude specimens.

The optional xy stage serves to position any sample using slide-on™ mechanics, which allows transmitted light at the focal point.


High contrast

Brightfield and darkfield capabilities – provides high contrast for a large variety of applications.

Large working area

Large working area – allows fast, easy sample observation.

Slide-on™ mechanics

Slide-on™ mechanics – enables XY stage use with transmitted light at the focal point.

Anti-shock & anti-vibration

Anti-shock and anti-vibration pads – absorb shock and vibrations for high quality imaging.