Leica TL4000 RCI

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Transmitted Light Base features Rottermann Contrast technique relief illumination technologyLeica TL4000 RCI

The Leica TL4000 RCI stand with Rottermann Contrast, a partial illumination technology, shows the changes of the refractive index as differences in brightness.

The stand has 2 USB ports, which allow the user to control the brightness of the light source. The partial illumination technology allows a substantial increase in contrast of barely visible structures in positive or negative relief. 

Adjustable planar and concave mirrors provide dynamic relief contrast, which allows users to quickly toggle between positive and negative effects and easily distinguish between similar structures.


Rottermann Contrast™

Rottermann Contrast™ – relief illumination technology provides increase in contrast of barely visible structures in positive and negative relief.

Slide-on™ mechanics

Slide-on™ mechanics – enables XY stage use with transmitted light at the focal point.

Color temperature control

Internal constant color temperature control CCIC – allows change in light intensity without adjusting white balance.

Absorb shock and vibrations

Anti-shock and anti-vibration pads – absorb shock and vibrations for high quality imaging.

Remote control possibility

Remote control possibility - software controlled operation for automated image acquisition and time lapse.