Leica Z16 APO

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Manual 6:1 Macroscope for detailed Documentation, Measurement and Evaluation Leica Z6 APO

The Leica Z6 APO is a fully apochromatic zoom system with excellent light transmissionfor high contrast, high-resolution, detailed analysis. The single beam path provides 2D images and ensures parallax-free imaging.

Together with the Leica DFC cameras and the Leica Applications Suite, this is ideal for digital imaging.

The modular design allows an optimized configuration for the individual applications. The direct attachment of a digital camera results in highest brightness levels. Visual inspection tasks are done with the attachment of a binocular tube from the Stereomicroscope line.


Excellent light transmission

Zoom range from 0.57– 3.6x with excellent light transmission – for shorter and constant camera exposure times.

Planapochromatic zoom

Planapochromatic zoom and objective – highest optical performance (high contrast, high resolution, high color fidelity) for best results.

Resolution up to 1500Lp/mm

High resolution up to 1500Lp/mm – for sharp and detail rich imaging.

Built in iris diaphragm

Built in iris diaphragm – for adjustable depth of field.

Large working distance

Large working distance, i.e. 97 mm with 1.0x – allows easy accessibility to any sample.