PreciPoint M8 Digital Microscope & Slide Scanner

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PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner

Discover the Future of Digital Microscopy

(For Research Purposes Only)
The smartphone of digital microscopes

User Interface

Precipoint’s M8 serves as a dual microscope and scanner, with all functions accessible via a touchscreen computer – making it a true digital microscope. Our intuitive software makes it easy to navigate through your microscope slides with just the touch of your fingers. Since everything is automated and digitized, there is no need for eyepieces or manual focus knobs. Work with a touchscreen computer, tablet or smartphone and literally examine the sample with your own hands.

Live Stitching

Our Live Stitching feature instantly combines multiple images captured at the resolution of the lens into a single full frame. You have an overview of the entire slide in seconds and an amazingly large field of view. Focusing and brightness correction is automatic with PreciPoint’s M8 to produce a high-resolution image.


Faster Results - The M8 as a Microscope


Insert Slide (0 Seconds)

What if your workflow was tailored to your needs?
The M8 fits and adapts perfectly to your workflow to speed up your research process.
See how much you can get done in less than 60 seconds, whereas before it took hours.

Overview (10 seconds)

The M8 microscope first scans the entire slide to provide an instant overview of your sample. The overview is always displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, so you can easily access your areas of interest. Navigate and zoom directly to the relevant areas of the preparation images without having to search around aimlessly.
The M8 also has the ability to read foil bar codes.




Region of Interest (15 Seconds)

Precipoint’s M8 is truly intelligent and digital: Our live stitching feature combines single frames, taken with the maximum resolution of the lens, within seconds to a screen-filling single image. This gives you an amazingly large field of view not yet seen in microscopy and eliminates the need to change objectives.


Results (30 Seconds)

Zoom seamlessly through the slide thanks to the intuitive operating concept,
as if you could examine the sample with your own hands. Annotations, measurements, multiple fields of view and other software-based applications support you and your work.

Digitization (60 Seconds)

Use your resources efficiently: Screenshots as well as partial and full slide scans in various qualities allow you to digitize and edit your work in less than 60 seconds. Save time, stay focused.


Simple Workflows - The M8 as a Slide Scanner


Insert Slide (0 Seconds)

Overview (10 Seconds)

An overview screen makes it easy to find your areas of interest. The M8 can also read slide barcodes.




Region of Interest

Select the area you want to scan by toggling our selection tool. Then choose between the different scan modes depending on the quality and efficiency you want. With our SlideScan mode, both partial and full scanning of entire slides is possible.



Digitization Of The Results (After The Scan)

Once your slide is scanned, use our free ViewPoint slide viewer software to view the sample. Zoom through slides seamlessly with your fingers, enabled by the concept of intuitive operation. Annotations, measurements, multiple fields of view and other software-based applications support you and your work.



Remote Control

The M8 microscope enables you to work from anywhere at anytime. Access and operate the M8 remotely and in real-time (telepathology); connect, share and discuss your findings with your colleagues and specialists from all over the world.